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If you were a child of the late 1960’s to the early 1990’s in the United States, then you’ll remember Saturday morning cartoons.  Born into a world before dedicated cartoon networks and internet channel animation, this glorious block of television programming running every Saturday morning and shortly after school was the only time generations of kids were able to transport themselves into a world of unique fantastic stories told in primary color bliss!  Action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, comedy!  Whatever one’s fancy, each and every week one could look forward to a wonderful duration of exciting entertainment often followed by one-on-one moments with their favorite characters. It was our time.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Publishing was created to recapture the feeling of watching these Saturday morning cartoons when you were a kid, beginning with our premiere flagship title Colonel Cage.

With its cartoon style art and bold bright colors, Colonel Cage will deliver breezy high action and adventure, with a slightly more mature serialized story (because we know you’re adults now)!