As a child in the 1980’s, I used to love sitting every morning at the breakfast table with bowl of cereal and my local newspaper, reading daily comic strips. With titles like Blondie, The Far Side, Peanuts and Marmaduke, these daily strips would entice my young mind to look forward to an otherwise boring newspaper landing on my doorstep every day.

Later in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, I toyed with the idea of publishing my own comic strip titled “Elmur the Bunny”. It featured a cute and cuddly, unimposing bunny rabbit armed with wit and a snarky attitude that was unleashed upon anyone who dared sit next to this little long-eared creature on his favorite park bench. From other park animals to politicians and celebrities, everyone was a target to this furry ball of sarcasm.

Unfortunately, thanks to the internet, many newspapers began to find themselves falling into financial trouble and the legacy of daily print comic strips fell with it, so I abandoned the project.

Yet it appears in the world of entertainment, what comes around goes around, and the yearning for everything that was once good or great is stronger than ever in today’s culture. So it was never a better time to introduce this very nostalgic world to Elmur the Bunny!

Akim Bischoff, Creator of Elmur the Bunny

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Lewis and Elmur